Four things Retirement Taught Me about Money

Just four – not necessarily all things.

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The Budget

If you don't understand what a budget is, like most people, you'll fail at using it.

What's a budget?
Should you invest in the Stock Market?

I don't know, but maybe you will after looking at these charts.

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How to store Passwords Securely

Wait, I thought this was a finance blog? Well, all of your money is behind a pair of strings, right?

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It's the reason trust in the financial industry is so low.

What's OEICX?
Tax Gain Harvesting

Want to know how to increase your net worth by less than 1% at retirement?

I want to know!
Roth vs Traditional IRA - Which is better?

Yet another article on this beaten-to-death topic.

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FIght for Your Life

Financial Independence has a dark side to it. But hey, at least you're not a heroin addict, right?

Real Estate Wealth Expo 2019 - San Mateo

I went so you don't have to.

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FI or Bust

What is Financial Independence all about? Does it have a meaning beyond the clickbait buzzword it's become?

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How to Save Without Thinking About It

If you do this, you will die wealthy. No exceptions.

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My Story

Why I started the Righteous Finance Blog. It's been a hell of a ride.

Ride with me